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Meeting aiming at analysing existing situation and improving the procedure for issuance of construction permits, was held today in Gradacac municipality meeting hall. Meeting was attended by members of Business council, businessmen, representatives of municipal departments, members of BFC team and representatives of authorized consulting office.

Current procedures of issuing construction permits in accordance to positive regulations and spatial planning documentation, were analysed. Certain flaws in expedition of solutions were recognized, and suggestions for solutions to improve current procedures were given. Based on presented proposals, opinions and suggestions, departments and consulting team shall prepare changes of existing procedures, in order to improve them.

Also, contracts between Gradacac municipality and CRS BiH, on consultative cooperation for fulfilment of conditions for obtaining BFC certificate, were signed today. BFC is certification of Gradacac municipality as the place of friendly environment for investing in economy.
The meeting was attended by companies GIGAHERC ltd Gradacac and ITENERIS ltd Tuzla who shall, by their offers, improve services of Gradacac municipality.