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About Gradacac

Municipality of Gradacac is situated in the north eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina,in Tuzla canton, and belongs to Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Municipality of Gradacac is easily accessible and attractive location for the investment.It is located 14 km away from the zone of state road Tuzla (BIH) – Županja (RH).
Vicinity to the international border crossing with the Republic of Croatia and European Union (Županja: 40 km) and Zagreb-Belgrade highway (part of Pan-European Corridor X and the European route E70) contributes to good connections of municipality of Gradacac with the wider region and the EU market with over 500 million inhabitants . Vicinity (30 km) to a future pan-European Corridor VC (Budapest-Osijek-Sarajevo-Ploce) also gives quick access to European markets. 




Business tradition in processing industry (metal,wood,textile,food),in civil engineering, trade and services.The continuous growth of entrepreneurial activity through partnership of domestic and foreign investors.Manufacturers of parts (Cimos, Wagner Automotiv) for leading world car industries (Volkswagen,PSA,Audi,BMW) Regional leaders in food processing industry (Lactalis and Zott),successful cooperation with domestic milk producers (over 3.000 subcontractors).One of the bigger manufacturing and trade centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and leading municipality in production of stone fruits (plums) Export orientation: with 151,4 million euros of export ,second municipality in export in Tuzla canton (26,25%) and fifth municipality in export in Bosnia and Herzegovina (5,12%) in 2014.

Demographic indicators

Population according to gender

Total population: 39.340

Population according to work ability

Population of working age: 32.599

Address and contact

Grad Gradačac

H. K. Gradaščevića 54