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Public enterprises and institutions

PE "Komunalac  Gradacac is a public enterprise that is registered for the following activities:

  • those relating to the production and supply of steam and air conditioning;
  • collection, treatment and supply of water;
  • sewerage, waste collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • recycling of sorted materials;
  • remediation activities;
  • Civil engineering;
  • Plumbing, sewer, gas, heating and air conditioning;
  • technical testing and analysis;
  • cleaning activities and others.

The core capital of the Company consists of 51% of the state capital and 49% of the share capital, previously the state, which was sold in the privatization through public subscription of shares. Shares of the core capital belong to a class of ordinary (common) shares.

The Assembly is the body in which shareholders exercise their management rights, and they consist of shareholders or proxies. The Supervisory Board elected by the Assembly, and which consists of 5 members including the President will be appointed for a term of four years. The Supervisory Board will hold sessions at least once every three months.

The management board is composed of directors and executive directors. The Supervisory Board decides on the number of executive directors   on the proposal of the director. Also on the proposal of the director, the Supervisory Board appoints the Secretary of the Company. The Audit Committee consists of 3 members. A member of the Audit Committee cannot be a person who has a financial or other interest in the enterprise.